A bartender pt. 2

When was the last time you sat at the bar and drank your favorite cocktail? I mean the “real” bar, where you can sit calmly and enjoy a drink.

After work, you are tired and you want to forget every stressful things and just relax yourself. That means you need to find a bar. Not a bar in a loudy club. A real bar!

Bar means “hide out”. It means a “gang hiding place”. Because its a hiding place, the bar’s door is heavy and feels like it rejects pedestrians. The name of the bar is also hard to see. But once you get in, because that heavy door there, customers don’t have to worry and they can forget about the real world outside and maybe then you can face your real self.

Also the bar counter is very thick and sturdy. It’s to carry the loneliness, hate, sorrow, pain and despair in the customers’ souls.

For me, a “real” bar quest is to heal the rusted and tired hearts of the customers. And don’t forget about a bartender. A bar without a good bartender is not a “real” bar even it contains a lot of rare liqueur. The bartender at a bar is like a magician. He can make magic happens, but he will refuse an order to fly to the sky.



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