It’s all about love

There’re people, who are looking for love, waiting for love, being in love (being loved) and hating love. In which side are you? I don’t really understand what love is, I just simply say that love is like a chocolate… dark, sweet but also bitter. I don’t say that there are no real love, since the girl/boyfriend thing is become more common.

But this story is about a real love. Yes, a true love that not happens everyday. A boy came back from a war with no extremity and his girl, who was waiting for him every single day, every single minute of her life being shocked of his condition. But she become brave and their love are so strong to keep them carry on together.

They fell in love at first sight. A first date, a first walk together, a first kiss…

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He must join the army and she promised to wait for him, but something happened

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Since the doctors saved his life, but is it worth it to keep going on like this?


But her love for him is so strong, she still keeps to carry him on

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She was, is and will be there for him and believe in him

UB7ET_zps71975833 slide_251221_1534845_free_zpsb8a03f0a 1_zpsdc88e51c

She is a shield protecting him from his weaknesses

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A charity project was planned for his prosthesis

RH0It_zps7ef5cf31 DuDpv_zps0d60836a IO45h_zps356e1208

And later they got married thanks to their strong will, believe and love


A happy ending that none of the Hollywood director could never ever thinking about…




Oh yeah and one question! WAR, what is it good for?






One thought on “It’s all about love

  1. This story is really beautiful, also because is real!
    It make you understand that real love exist, and it’s always good to know!


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