Easter bunny

Tomorrow is Easter! Yep, every family is decorating their house with colourful eggs and chocolate bunnies especially mothers are making the traditional foods for these kind of days. I do not really celebrate Easter since I’m an asian guy, but once my czech mate taught me how to bake an easter bunny brownies so I think it’s a good idea to share it with you, my friends.

It’s a quick, simple and super easy recipe to make which you can make it with your kids, but a result is really something! I don’t know anyone who don’t like fluffy, moist, sweet tasty brownies with rich buttery flavour. Sure you must try it, or you will regret later!

You will need:

381260m-velikonocni-zajicek Butter gingernut-biscuit eggs-08 honey Bake King Plain Flour dr oetker baking powder 170g basket_of_apples carrot fruit-medley havana-club-anejo

A bunny baking form

A knob of butter, crushed biscuits, 4 eggs, honey

200g of plain flour with some baking powder

2 carrots, 1 apple – peeled, grated

A handful of dried fruits and a swig of rum

So now, when you get all that stuff up there, that means its time to start cooking!

First thing first, preheat an oven to 180ºC (that means 356ºF). Then smear our bunny baking form with butter (a little bit fetish, but that stop sticking our brownies from the bunny form).

After that, cover our form with the crushed biscuits – that creates a lovely crackling texture and also helps our bunny not falling apart.

Now for the mixture simply mix all the other stuff together. That mean honey (load of honey), 200g of flour with baking powder, grated carrots and apple ( that keep our brownies super moist ), dried fruits and a swig of rum.

Then wisk our eggs until it comes creamy and snowy and mix it with the mixture. When you have done that, just pour all our mixture into the baking form and bake it for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, take that out. Let it cool down and then TADAAAAAA!

Simple and super delicious bunny brownies. Done!




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