Avocado smoothie

Do you know what is the best, the tastiest, the healthiest drink in the world? Smoothie of course! I drink ( or eat maybe ) smoothie every morning before I go to work and it really kicks me up like the combination of vodka&redbull.

Now in the spring and summer season it’s become more and more popular to use exotic fruits in smoothie. Me personally I love to use avocado. Let me say avocado is the best! Tasty, rich, creamy texture, load of vitamins and I can’t get enough of it! You can use avocado in salad, eat it with meat, prawns, wrap it in a tortilla, make an avocado brownies, avocado on toast, avocados soup etc. But for me now one of my favorite is avocado smoothie. Really interesting one!

Are you interested? Then let’s make it!

You gonna need those ingredietns:

avacado mango (1)limeginger (1) honey


Simply put the avocados meat, mangos meat, lime juice, honey and few slices of ginger into a mixer and mix it together with some ice. Fast, healthy, tasty and cool drink for any day, any time!

You can replace the mango with bananas, apple, berries and all other stuff (I’m into mangos flavour now). But remember, don’t put any yogurt or cream in avocado smoothie. You don’t want that! Avocado is already creamy and yogurt will ruine the real taste! Believe me, I know I’m right!

If you don’t know how to prepare avocado, click HERE and for more avocado recipe click HERE!



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