A bartender pt. 1

For a long time I was looking for an inspiration to blog about. Once I visited my old colleague for a drink, who actually works in a bar. He is a young bartender working hard under his master for his futures career.

Yeah nothin’ happened until an old geezer came to the bar. He ordered a drink like: “Hey! Give me brandy! **** you barkeepers are so slow!”

What an annoying olg hag. He doesn’t know what was he talking about at all! I personally don’t like this kind of customer, who thinks bartenders are keepers, the only thing we do is pour, stir, then hand over to drunk people and it’s not a job that a man can proudly call his own.

Let me tell you somethin’ I’ve learned!

There are two professions in this world where you absolutely cannot betray your customer. One of which is a doctor, or a pharmacist. So what is the other one?

A bartender.

All of them can follow the same recipe, but can sell you either poison or medicine. So what does the real “bartender” mean? The meaning of bartender is a bar is like a stool, and tender means kindness. So it means “a tender barstool”. The wood on the bar is just a board you put alcohol on. But when a bartender is there, you put bar and tender together, and you get kindness.

Remember that!



At a corner of the bar


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