Pea margarita

Hey buddies! Remember the last post of mine about making your homemade liqueur? If not, then please click HERE to try out my liqueur recipe or go out with your lovely dovely girl/boyfriend, buy a good quality liqueur and come back to this post again :).

Well today we are gonna make a pea margarita for my twitter friend @leftoverpeas. He is no.1 pea hater so this recipe gonna suprises him a little bit.

So when someone say margarita, what do you often think of it?

“Yeaaaah! Friday night mother! Party hard! Chicks everywhere! House music nonstop!” is what reminds you right?

Wrong! Margarita is like a soul of Mexico, using the traditional ingredients tequila, lime and salt. Margarita can be make in different way with different flavour but the original is orange’s flavour by using triple sec or cointreau.

But enough about history, I know you are not interested about it anyway. Let’s go make a pea margarita for our friend here!

For the recipe you will need:

Good quality tequila ( half of the margarita is tequila, so make sure it’s a good half! )

Pea liqueur – if you don’t know how to make homemade liqueur then go HERE!


Lime juice

Kosher salt for the rim of the glass

Frozen glass ( it can be serve on the rocks or in a traditional margarita glass )

Let’s do it!

In a cooled shaker pour in 0,4cl tequila with 0,2cl liqueur, 0,2l lime juice and 2 tablespoon of honey.

Remember, for a classic recipe it is always 2 part of alcohol with 1 part of juice and 1 part of flavour and you will never lose it!

Then put in some ice and shake it, but don’t shake it to much to avoid losing a flavour.

With the glass, wipe a lime wedge on the edge of glass to add a small amount of moisture. Then place some kosher salt on a plate and turn glasses rim in the salt until covered half of the glass ( in the way if you want to drink it with salty taste or not )

Put some nice big cubes of ice into the glass ( the bigger, the better – the ice won’t melt to fast ) and pour in our margarita. Cheers!



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