Rack of lamb with zucchini and baked potatoes

Ok so today in our hotel, we’ve prepared for our customers this recipe. Quite simple and fast, it took me about 45 minuts for preparing and cooking.

We will need 1 frenched rack of lamb marinated in olive oil, garlic and seasoning.

One big potatoe, zuccini, red/yellow pepper, onion and garlic.

Some butter, a little bit of thyme and tin foil.

Let’s cooking!

– First we need to heat a pan and pour in some olive oil. Put in our racks and seal it on all side until golden brown.

– Put in some butter with thymes, cover it with tin foil and pop it in an oven 190°C for 10 minutes ( medium rare ). After 10 minutes take it out and let it chill for another 10 minuts.

– During the time when we seal, roast and chill your racks. We will need to peel the potatoe and boil it for 5 minutes in salted water. After 5 minutes take it out and toss it a little it in a sieve to make a crusty bits then warp in a tin foil with butter and bake it.

– When our racks and potatoe are in the oven, it’s time to prepare the zuccini and pepper.

– We’ll just simply slice ’em into a triangle. Don’t forget to heat a pan and put in some oil.

– When the pan is nicely hot, put in some minced garlic with the sliced zuccini and pepper. Season it a little bit and let it cooks for about 3 minutes.

– The sauce of our dish is made from the resting juice of the meat with a knob of butter, a little bit of lemon juice, chopped onion and tiny bit of wine. Simply put all the ingredients in a small pot and let it reduce a little bit.

Now when everything is ready, let’s get the dish done by slicing the meat, put the foods on a nice big plate and eat it while it hot! Bon apetit!

Here is a photo taken by my colleague.1939846_278779512286702_512161307_o



2 thoughts on “Rack of lamb with zucchini and baked potatoes

    • Yep, we are trying to keep it simple, but delicious. Not mixing to much ingredients together and keep the original taste. So I hope you would try my recipe sometime


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