Homemade liqueur

Liqueur for me is one of the most important ingredient in drinks and foods. So lemme show you how I make my own homemade liqueur that holds the flavor and gets more and more delicious as it sits.

First of all, buy some fruit or coffee beans or nuts or what ever you want to flavour your liqueur ( make sure it is eatable ). You will need about 0,5 to 1kg depend on how strong the flavour is.

Thoroughly wash a jar that can be sealed tightly, and lay out sugar or honey and the fruity ingredient at the bottom ( don’t forget to remove the skin!!! ).

Gently pour over about 1l of vodka or other clear alcohol with 35% ABV ( I use white rum for more aromatic flavour ).

Place the jar in a cool, dark place and wait for at least 1 month. After 1 month the liqueur should have acquired a good flavour and aroma.

Use a fine filter or I recommend cheesecloth to remove the fruit and place the liqueur in a bootle with some herbs or spices and it will get more delicious as it sits.

You can drink it straight or on the rocks, but the aroma really comes out when it’s mixed with hot water. Don’t forget to make various cocktails with it!

For you mate @leftoverpeas. If you want to make pea liqueur, don’t forget to crush ’em a little bit to release the true PEA flavour! 😀 Cheers!

Some of my jar here! Can’t wait to open it!!!



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