Evil kitty

Yeah, it’s almost two years since this little kitty ( now evil cat ) join my life. Weeell… the first 3 month was cute and quite easy, but I didn’t expect that just few months later he became such an evil cat.

He was so adorable, cute and small and now? Big, annoying and lazy fat ass! Maybe it was my fault, that I fed him to much :D, but now he just sleeps almost all day then hangs out with some kitties. He just comes back to me when he is hungry…

His hobbies is scratching the hell out of my furniture and meowing nonstop every night if I don’t let him go out with those girlfriends of him..

But let say he is now part of my life yeah… I would feel lonely without him and without me he would die starving. We can’t live without each other.

Let me know, if YOU also have your animals best friend.


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