Deadly Cocktail

I made this cocktail for my twitter friend @leftoverpeas, who actually hates peas the most and he named it the “Deadly Cocktail”. So here is the receipt:

2 dash of vodka ( I’m fancy of Finlandia, but Absolut with lower concetration of alcohol is also ok and if you prefer a drier taste then use gin)

Lemon juice

Peas ( smash the peas before adding to release the flavour )

Bunch of mint leaves

Sugar sirup

Pea shoots for decorating

Add all the ingredients to the shaker with ice. Shake it! Shake it! Shake it!

After all the hard work of shaking, pour it into the fancy glass – highball and add sparkling water. If you add the sparkling water before shaking and shake it. The shaker will turn into the bomd waiting to explode… So be careful!

I don’t really like to tell you how much do you have to add the ingredients, because I don’t want it to be really perfect. Everyone has a different taste and for me perfect taste is really BORING!

Deadly cocktailOh yeah! Nearly forgot, @leftoverpeas also wrote a poems about this cocktail. If your fancy then read it HERE! After seeing this photo he actually said this: “I hate peas and I love to watch them freeze in a pea mojito” :D.


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